How We Helped A Customer Successfully Upgrade To UPVC Decking

Lakeland Verandah excels at customer service as there’s nothing we love more than to help customers create the outdoor space they so long for. We did just that quite recently for a customer who already had self-installed wooden decking at their home but wisely wanted to make the upgrade to UPVC decking.

UPVC Decking & Balustrades

Their wooden decking had been down for several years and it came with matching wooden balustrades. They had however become a little fed up with having to maintain the deck, especially the grooves within the wooden decking board, as untreated it can lead to the formation of mould and algae – the latter made the boards extremely slippery. Regular cleaning of a wooden deck can also necessitate frequent varnishing. The beauty of UPVC decking is that it eliminates all maintenance and yet remains completely slip-resistant – it has been awarded with the BS7976-2 slip-resistant certification.

Old Timber Decking & Balustrades

A further issue with the wooden deck was that its structural integrity had diminished as rotting had set in over time. Due to the height of the decking area above the garden and to comply with the British Standard BS6399-1 test, we had to use the right type of balustrades. Our balustrades have received BS6399-1 certification, so there was no problem in that regard. We also had to bear in mind that a hot tub sat on the deck and we needed to be absolutely certain that the new decking could cope with the weight of it when filled with water. The strength of our UPVC decking gave us complete confidence that it would.

The customer put plenty of thought into the colour for the replacement decking and settled on a dark Anthracite Grey as they wanted to match it the colour of the slate tiling on their garage roof. As a contrast to the Grey, a white diamond picket was incorporated into the design to complement the existing double glazing. The final important finishing touches were low-maintenance post-caps and a beautiful staircase.

The old decking had to be removed with immense care and it was disposed of in a responsible manner ahead of us fitting a new subframe. After this, we could then proceed with fitting the replacement decking; making sure that the hot tub was positioned in the exact right spot for the customer.

It has made such a huge difference and left the customer feeling extremely proud and delighted as they now have a new deck that looks stunning and perfectly meets their every requirement.

Why not follow in their footsteps and book an appointment with a Lakeland consultant to find out how we can help you transition from old wooden decking to a far more reliable UPVC deck.