Short Of Garden Space But Want Decking? We Can Create Compact Designs

Who wants to be stuck indoors at home when the sun is beating down and you’ve a chance of catching a nice tan?

UPVC Decking & Glass Balustrades

You want to be out there in your garden with a cold drink in your hand and some sun cream splashed all over you. So, what’s stopping you from doing just that?

It might be down to a lack of garden space, and more precisely, the lack of a dedicated spot in the garden where you can sit down, lie down, and pretty much do whatever you want.

That outdoor living space you crave could be established by creating a compact decking area.

Good things come in small packages

You honestly don’t need yards and yards of garden space to put in some UPVC decking.

And, when you have a clever decking specialist like Lakeland Verandahs helping to design it, we have thrifty methods of making small decks feel much bigger than they actually are.

One way of doing that is to combine your decking with any current patio you might have, or you could choose a light colour for the decking which somehow creates the illusion of space. Where possible, putting decking on different levels, rather than completely levelling it out, has also been known to enhance the feeling of spaciousness.

If you want evidence of how Lakeland Verandahs has overcome the obstacle of having very little space to play with, and yet managed to integrate a generous condensed deck, take a look at this case study.

We had to put an awful lot of thought into the installation to make it work and the owners have been rewarded with a decking area where they regularly eat, drink and get merry!


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