The Top 5 Benefits Of Installing Fencing At Your Home

Lakeland Verandahs isn’t just a well-established provider of UPVC decking. We also supply various forms of UPVC fencing, including picket fencing, range fencing and privacy fencing in a range of styles.

UPVC Decking, Fencing & Balustrades

Guaranteed for 10 years, we can create any RAL colour you want for your preferred choice of fencing, and apply them to our UPVC fencing in our state-of-the-art spray booth.

Why would you want UPVC fencing at your home? We can think of at least five good reasons why it’ll prove useful…


If your privacy at home feels compromised because you live on a busy street and passers-by feel a little closer than you would like, you can use perimeter fencing to make the place feel a bit less exposed.


The installation of UPVC fencing will firm up home security and hopefully act as a deterrent to any unwanted visitors. If you have young children, or any pets, the fencing could stop them from running out on to a busy road.

Weather protection

We experience forever unpredictable weather in this country and wind, rain, sleet and snow can damage the plants and flowers you have in your garden. UPVC fencing will provide some shelter from the elements.

Garden emphasis

Do you dedicate lot of time to your garden and like to get your fingers green? When you have UPVC decking fitted around your garden, it will give it added prominence, and ensure your handiwork stands out.


It’s crucial that your home makes a good first impression on people, and how it looks on the outside will be key to this. The attractiveness of UPVC decking won’t go unnoticed by visitors. It could also add value to the property as it will demonstrate that you’re an attentive sort of householder.


You’re welcome to sit down with one of our consultants and talk through our many different UPVC fencing options. Book an appointment to get an informative meeting organised.