Why It’s Easier To Replace Old Wooden Decking Than Repair It

Fingers crossed that the weather forecasters are right and the Easter weekend will be the hottest spell of the year so far.

Circular UPVC Decking

If the weather lives up to expectations and you have a decking area in your back garden, we presume that you will be spending the majority of the four-day break at home as it’ll be a great excuse to sample food and drink out in the sun away from the crowds.

But, you may not be that fortunate if it’s traditional wooden decking you own that has been left untreated since last summer.

Conditions over the past few months may have left it looking in a poor state, leaving you with no option other than to clean and reseal it before you even think about using it again. It might also require painting and staining, and if you’re really unlucky, some of the decking boards could need replacing.

You don’t want to be spending your entire Easter seeing to your decking. You just want to be sitting out on it.

What you’re much better off doing is putting the tools and paint brushes away and completely replacing your wooden decking for plastic decking, or to be more accurate, UPVC decking.

UPVC decking remains as good as new no matter what the weather does due to its weather resistance and consequently you don’t have to repair or repaint it at any point.   

When we say ‘plastic’ decking, it probably doesn’t make it sound attractive, but you’d be surprised! Our plastic decking could easily be mistaken for wooden decking as the material has a natural woodgrain effect and the various available coloured finishes are equally as authentic.

Lakeland Verandahs can have your old wooden decking taken out and exchanged for UPVC decking in absolutely no time. You will then be able to scratch any form of decking upkeep off your list of home duties and immediately get straight out there and enjoy it the next time you have an extended break from work.

Request a copy of our retail brochure to discover why else UPVC decking from Lakeland trumps wooden decking.