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Aftercare Service

Lakeland remains available for assistance well after your purchase has been fitted if you need any support or product advice.


10 year warranty

Extended cover is yours with our 10-year warranty, an assurance that our products are built to last and won’t let you down.

Although we do recommend some small and sporadic maintenance routines to hopefully prolong product lifespans, the solutions we sell are designed, manufactured and fitted with the intention of providing a minimum of 10 years of reliability.

Holiday Home UPVC Balustrades

Decking cleaning tips

UPVC decking from Lakeland Verandahs is made to make the cleaning of the deckboards simple.

  • Any dirt that’s built up can usually be shifted when you hose down the deck. Then use a decking-specific cleaner to remove mould and mildew. Hose the deck again once this is done.
  • Wash Bomb has a unique formula that’s ideal for cleaning UPVC decking and getting rid of grime and grease on the surface.
  • Add the Wash Bomb to a bucket, fill it with water, and apply to the decking.

Further maintenance suggestions

  • If at any point fading, stains, small scratches, weathering or scuffs manifest and lessen the appearance of our UPVC decking, try DeckMAX’s Advanced PVC Deck Revitaliser to restore its appealing look.
  • It only needs applying once a year for best results.
  • More guidance on maintenance can be sought from a Lakeland advisor.

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