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Frequently Asked Questions

Anything that you want to know about UPVC decking and balustrades may well be covered in our FAQs section.

What's the advantages of UPVC Decking over Wooden Decking?

Timber decks are likely to be the cheapest you’ll find, but even the expensive ones come with a whole host of problems:

Timber decking

  • Requires constant maintenance – painting, varnishing and repairs.
  • Over time, wood will rot, split, swell, twist, fade and even crack and splinter.
  • Wood isn’t waterproof, so it attracts algae, making it slippery and sometimes too dangerous to use.
  • Wood is a fire hazard right next to your home.
  • Repair and replacement of damaged areas soon makes the deck look untidy and patchy – new boards stand out from the older ones which have become weathered and worn.
  • Timber decking is not environmentally friendly – trees are chopped down for their manufacture, and chemicals have to be used as preservative treatments and for regular maintenance.
  • Timber decking usually requires screws or nails for fixing. These are unsightly and can become dangerous over time.

UPVC Decking

  • UPVC decking is maintenance-free. It requires no painting or chemical treatment and simply cleaning it with soapy water will keep it looking as good as new.
  • UPVC decking is guaranteed to last. It won’t fade, rot, swell, twist, warp, or splinter – it will look as good in 10 years’ time as it did the first day you walked on it.
  • UPVC decking is slip-free, it features a special slip-resistant surface, so it’s safe to use all year round.
  • It’s very unlikely that repairs will ever be needed and with our 10 year warranty, you don’t need to worry about it. However, should anything need to be replaced, it will be a perfect match.
  • UPVC deckboards are kinder to the environment. No trees are felled in their manufacture as they are made using recycled UPVC. Additionally, no harmful chemical preservative treatments or paints are required.
  • UPVC decking uses our specially designed hidden fixings for a neat and tidy finish. There will never be any sharp rusty nails or screws to worry about.

My garden isn't level, is that a problem?

Not at all, in fact an uneven area is often the reason why people choose decking, to make it more accessible and usable.

  • Our expert team will do all the groundwork necessary to ensure a suitable foundation for your new deck.
  • We will remove all waste and recycle everything we can.
  • We will build a subframe to accommodate any changes in ground levels and carry out any other works that our surveyor specifies, or that you request.

Why is a subframe important when it won't be visible?

Underneath decking boards sits a subframe – in the same way that floorboards sit on top of joists inside your house. A sturdy subframe is important for the stability and safety of any deck – even a low level one!

Traditionally, decking subframes are made from timber, which are treated with a preservative to help protect them from the natural ageing process and decay over time.

We can also provide the option of an aluminium subframe to provide total peace of mind that the hidden foundations of your decking will not deteriorate over time and remain completely maintenance-free.

Do you offer a 'Trade' or 'Supply Only' service?

No, we cannot provide our products as ‘Trade’ or ‘Supply Only’. All our products are installed by our Lakeland Verandahs professional installers & fitters.

What is the difference between Homeowner & Holiday Home products?

There are three main areas in which Lakeland Verandahs operates – Households, Holiday Homes (Park Homes & Caravans) and Commercial clients. All three use the same high-quality range of products including UPVC Deckboards, Fencing and Balustrading. The services offered are different, but all come with the same attention to detail and level of customer service we pride ourselves on.

For homeowners who want to add a new dimension to their gardens at their residential properties, we offer a bespoke service from start to finish including deck removal and full installation.

For Park Home and Holiday Home owners who want to add a deck to their lodges and caravans, we still offer the same tailored customisation options, taking into consideration plot size, lodge styles and park regulations.

Our Commercial service provides unique solutions to corporate and commercial clients. From family-friendly environments such as cafés and restaurants to high traffic and light-industrial uses such as building sites and garden centres. We have an eco-friendly solution for most requirements.

What is the difference with your 10 Year Warranty?

Unlike most decking warrantees which only cover the deckboards, our 10 year warranty covers the decking, balustrade, fencing, accessories, tanalised timber subframe, aluminium subframe and full installation. In the unlikely event something needs fixing or replacing, we’ll do it free of charge – we don’t just refund a percentage of the original cost like other companies do.

Why shouldn't I just choose the cheapest composite decking?

The cheaper composites are made of a lower quality recycled UPVC and/or a WPVC mix and some may even have a rubber content (this isn’t good for fire provision and structural properties).

Cheap decking providers tend not to offer installation and just a supply only service.

Do Lakeland Verandahs products offer real value for money?

Like most things in life, you get what you pay for. At face value, UPVC decking is more expensive than some timber decking, but it is actually more cost-effective and better value when you consider the following:

Our decking will last indefinitely longer than timber
You will only need to invest in Lakeland Verandahs UPVC Decking, Fencing & Balustrades once, whereas you will probably need to replace timber two or three times.

You will enjoy more use out of your UPVC deck throughout the year
Timber decking becomes unsafe and unusable for many months of the year due to slippery algae and rot.

UPVC decking is water-resistant and rot proof and features our slip-resistant surface, so it stays safe to use whatever the season, whatever the weather.

There’s no continued expense with UPVC decking
Think about the time and continued cost of maintaining a timber deck – factor in the expense of paint or stain, repairs, and pressure washing and it soon adds up.

UPVC decking stays looking as good as new with little effort
No matter how much time and money you spend maintaining a timber deck, it will never look as good as it did when it was new.

UPVC decking just needs cleaning occasionally with soapy water to keep it looking as fabulous as it did the day we installed it for you.

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