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UPVC Garden Decking In Anthracite Grey

Not content with just a wonderfully stylish new indoor setting, this household also wanted a similarly impressive new outdoor setting.

UPVC Decking

Now that is how you really live the life! For most people, the installation of such an exquisite extension would be enough on its own, but the occupiers here had more ambitious ideas. A family that loves to host friends and relatives at their house during the spring and summer months, they had an urge to transform their outdoor space at the same time as having their new extension constructed, wanting both venues to effortlessly feed off each other. What’s been done has worked an absolute treat, and you just can’t keep them away from either area, which they regard as one uniformed space.

How it’s been setup means that there isn’t a bad spot to sit anywhere. Drinks can be enjoyed on the corner decking, or wherever else anyone fancies, and it’s no less pleasurable. When the sun goes down, that doesn’t curtail spending time on the decking as there are various lights, from on the floor to hung on the fencing, that beautifully illuminate the place and show it off in a terrific light. Bi-folding doors were specifically included in the extension for the purpose of twinning the two areas together. It’s a project that’s come off very successfully and certainly worthy of a toast, or two!

Provided in a fashionable Anthracite Grey finish, the UPVC decking has completely changed the face of the garden.

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