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UPVC Decking For Park Homes & Holiday Homes

Maximise your outdoor living space to realise the full potential of a Park or Holiday Home.


Experience added freedom at park homes and holiday homes...

Incorporating UPVC decking and balustrades at your caravan park location or holiday home and increasing its footprint will make it even more of a home away from home for the family – you will all be itching to spend more of your time together there. The depth of choice we have in our UPVC decking range ensures you will find a decked solution that fits in really nicely with the personality of the location and looks like a seamless extension of it.

The extra space will inspire new living habits.

Just picture being able to sit out in the open air with your head buried in a good book or firing up the barbecue surrounded by nature with absolutely no constraints. That’s the kind of holiday lifestyle any owner of a holiday home should aspire to when they’re away from work and there’s nothing to stop you from getting it.

What are the benefits of UPVC Decking

UPVC decking succeeds in being simple to maintain, well-equipped to handle the elements, sustainable, and long-lasting.

Low maintenance

UPVC decking boasts minimal upkeep requirements compared to wooden decking, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space without the hassle of constant maintenance.

Weather proof

With its remarkable resistance to the elements, UPVC decking remains in excellent condition through all seasons, enduring rain, sun, and snow.


Environmentally conscious individuals appreciate UPVC decking for its sustainable and recyclable properties, making it a greener choice for outdoor living spaces.

10 year warranty

Our decking and balustrades come with a reassuring 10-year warranty, providing peace of mind and long-term durability for your investment (terms and conditions apply).

Designed to transform it however you like.

We pride ourselves on a customer-centred design and installation service. All our decking is specified to suit the needs of our customers, so our team will work in synergy with you to dream up and realise a decking design that immaculately fits in and suits the existing space.

Get inspiration and ideas from Lakeland Verandahs customers

So many customers have transformed their park and holiday homes with our dependable UPVC decking system.

Free Design Service

Our professional team will involve you in the design process as closely as you like. Inform them of any preferences of configuration, colour scheme etc., and they will assimilate these priorities into the final design. You will be expertly guided through every step, right up until completion, with regular communication maintained with you along the way.

Natural looking woodgrain UPVC Decking

Choose the perfect colour and style for your holiday home with solid and natural woodgrain designs. Our UPVC deckboards won’t need frequent maintenance to remain looking good throughout the years.

When buying our fully recyclable corrugated or woodgrain patterned deckboards, you will be able to pick from a wide range of lasting and eye-catching finishes. They will never need repainting, and give your decking the classiest of coloured effects. Woodgrain decking allows you to create a stylish decking area for your garden or patio with all the performance features offered by a full range of natural colours.

Be inspired by our latest brochures

For further information on the fabulous range of UPVC Decking, Fencing, Balustrades, Pergolas, Verandas, Spa products & Accessories available at Lakeland Verandahs, simply request your free brochure online today!



UPVC decking is environmentally responsible as unlike wood decking, it doesn’t involve the felling of trees. Crafted from ethically sourced, 100% recyclable UPVC, it not only promotes sustainability but also ensures its own recyclability.

Furthermore, our production process is free from the use of toxic chemicals such as paint and varnish, contributing to a cleaner and greener outdoor environment.


Finishing touches

To accomplish the decking of your dreams, it’s going to need some finishing touches and Lakeland has all the sophisticated extras you could want.

Holiday Home UPVC Balustrades


Glass or picket balustrades will very elegantly enclose the decking at your holiday home and uphold the safety of everyone granted the luxury of experiencing it.

Three UPVC Planters


Make no mistake. Lakeland has unarguably the widest choice of decking accessories on offer anywhere. Steps, gates, box hedges, planters, lighting – we’ve got the lot!


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Discover the products and methods used to help other customers realise the ambitions they had for their outdoor spaces, each transformed into idyllic retreats for external socialising and rest and recuperation.