3 Environmentally-Friendly Ways Of Updating Your Garden

3 environmentally-ways of updating your garden

Due to the increasing threat of climate change, every single one of us is duty-bound to preserve the planet, in whatever way we can. 

Living a greener lifestyle is easy and could see you commit to many things, including eating less meat, changing to an electric car or cutting down on flights abroad. 

You can also be eco-friendly when updating your garden space for the summer months – there’s no reason why it needs to be done in a way that’s damaging to the environment. 

Here’s some advice from Lakeland Verandahs on how that can be achieved:

Plant a tree

We can help combat climate change together just by doing some tree planting in our gardens. 

Scientific research has shown that trees can absorb and store the carbon dioxide emissions that are driving global warming. 

It is thought that oak, beech and maple trees are three of the best types of tree for tackling the climate crisis. A tree can also help attract wildlife into your garden.

A green plant

Upcycle to create garden items

Less wastage and a reduction of dependency on raw materials will also help us win the fight against climate change. 

Look around the house to see if you have anything that can be upcycled for the garden, and don’t discard anything that could potentially be used for the same purpose. 

To give you some examples, convert old tin cans into planters, smarten up unused picture frames and display them outdoors to make your garden feel bigger, or make a bird feeder from a plastic bottle.

Upcycled garden planters

Invest in our UPVC decking

We take our environmental responsibilities extremely seriously! 

Our UPVC decking is made sustainably using a number of recycled materials, no toxic chemicals, and the deck boards are recyclable too. There is ZERO wood in our decking, and it has been acknowledged by several industry bodies for its eco credentials. 

So, when we put a UPVC deck in your garden, you can be happy in the knowledge that it hasn’t come at a cost to the environment, which isn’t always the case with some UPVC decking systems.

A shot of a UPVC deck with balustrades

If you would like to proceed with the installation of our climate-friendly UPVC decking, get in touch for a FREE quote.