3 Of The Best Lighting Options To Show Off Your Outdoor Living Space

3 of the best lighting options to show off your outdoor space

It’s felt like a very long winter, and for most of us, spring can’t come quickly enough! 

You can tell it isn’t too far away now as we’ve had the odd spell of unseasonably warm weather amongst the baltic conditions, and it’s also noticeably lighter earlier in the day.

Whilst patiently waiting for spring to officially arrive, investigate the many outdoor lighting options you can have fitted to keep your decking, and the rest of your outdoor space, well-lit deep into the nights so that you’re not left sitting out in the dark when braving the elements.

We can’t list them all, so instead, we’re going to inform you of three of the best-loved outdoor lighting solutions.

Solar-powered lighting

No use of wires, no need for a mains connection, and no need for an electrician are three of the biggest benefits of using solar-powered lights. 

They’re cheap to run too as their rechargeable batteries feed off the light of the sun, flickering into action at night, and this also makes them very environmentally-friendly. 

Wherever you decide to put them into the ground, make sure they are positioned to receive lots of natural light.

Solar-powered lighting


Hanging or standing, lanterns will give your garden a gorgeously cosy feel. You can get them in a vast array of beautifully decorative styles (glass, copper, wooden) and colours.

Lanterns create an ambience quite unlike any other form of lighting, and they can be placed pretty much anywhere you like – on a patio or decking area, along paths, or suspended on a tree branch. 

We live in a very rainy country, so waterproof lanterns are always a good idea.



There may be a specific area of your garden that you’re particularly proud of and want to strongly emphasise. A set of spotlights will help you do that best. 

Spotlights will usually be fitted so that they project light at an angle of 45 degrees, and you want the light they throw out to be sufficient enough to show off your favourite feature. 

Most spotlights use either halogen or LED lamps – you tend to get a higher light output and more life out of LED lamps.


Spotlights are one of a series of lighting options you can buy from Lakeland Verandahs. See our full lighting range here.