3 Things To Think About When Choosing A Decking Colour

Choosing the right decking colour

Decisions, decisions. You face several of these when you’re looking to get UPVC decking organised for your home. Don’t stress about them though as we’re here to advise.

One of them is the positioning of the deck – ideally, you want it installed in a spot outside where it will receive lots of sunshine, and not be left in the shade, so that you can bask in it on a warm day with a cold drink in your hand.

Selecting a coloured finish is also an important choice to make.

To uncover whether Anthracite or Clay will be perfect or Ivory is the colour that’s most in-keeping with your home setting, do the following:

View some samples

We recognise that picking a colour can be a hard thing to do.

So start by asking if you can see some decking samples in any colours that you like and wish to look at a bit more closely. Comparing and contrasting them will definitely help.

Our decking colours don’t fade over time, so you won’t have to repaint them, and they all have a natural woodgrain which is unbelievably realistic – this needs to be seen to be believed.

Three plants on a UPVC deck

Find a decking colour that complements

Whilst you obviously want your decking to stand out in your garden, you don’t want it to take all the focus and attention away from your house, which it risks doing if its coloured finish is really ‘out there’.

The two should bounce off each other, and they will if you select a colour that successfully manages to complement the building.

To give you an example, grey or brown decking tends to work well with yellow or beige-bricked homes, with white decking suited to practically any colour of property.

A black lantern on a UPVC deck

Take inspiration from nature

Just as you want to avoid your decking from overshadowing your home, you also don’t want it to outshine your garden if it’s full of pretty plants, trees and flowers.

They will continue to catch the eye if they’re very colourful and in contrast, you go for a dark-coloured deck.

Some of your garden may be paved or laid with stones, so this may also influence your choice of decking colour.

A seated area on a UPVC deck

For a proper conversation about decking colour, book an appointment with Lakeland Verandahs and we can let you into some more of the secrets of finding the perfect finish.