3 Things To Think About When Getting Garden Decking Installed

UPVC decking with a plate of apples

We’re already seeing high volumes of customers preparing their gardens for the summer months by arranging for Lakeland Verandahs to fit out their outdoor space with our low-maintenance UPVC decking. 

Although our decking is very competitively-priced, it’s still a big investment, and you want to ensure that it serves all of your outdoor needs. 

So that it doesn’t disappoint, a number of important considerations should be discussed with our team, prior to the decking being fitted.


The size of the decking will come down to how big or small your garden is. 

You may decide to cover the majority of your garden with decking if it’s quite a compact space, while those with larger gardens may use it to just complement existing greenery.

The bigger isn’t always the better! It’s a good idea to start off small and then, if necessary, extend the decking at a later date, rather than go too big from the outset.

A decking area and orangery


One of the most common incentives for buying decking amongst people is the desire to have an area where they can sit in the sunshine, but there’s also some who prefer to do it in the shade. 

The direction your garden faces will determine the best positioning for your requirements. With a survey of the garden, we will be able to identify where it should be precisely located. 

Also think about privacy when adjudging its positioning.

Grey-coloured UPVC decking


Will you be using your decking purely for relaxation purposes? If so, it would make sense to have some seating built into the design. 

But if you envisage the decking acting as an al fresco dining area, you will require some space for eating on the deck, as well as general seating spots. 

Some may want to incorporate elements of their garden into a deck, which can be done with the inclusion of built-in planters.

UPVC decking with a table and chairs

Lakeland Verandahs can advise you on every aspect of UPVC decking; we know what we’re talking about, having carried out hundreds of decking installations. Book your FREE online design appointment here.