3 Ways To Enjoy Your Garden This Season

3 ways to enjoy your garden this season

If you have garden decking, you will have probably spent much of your time outdoors at home over the spring and summer months, savouring the space and external atmosphere. 

Now that it’s autumn and the nights are drawing in fast, you may have retreated indoors, but there’s no reason why you can’t still continue enjoying your garden throughout autumn and beyond. 

Don’t leave your decking out in the cold until next spring. Take these steps to make it usable this season and the next.

Light up your deck

Give your decking a warm and inviting glow at nighttimes with some form of lighting, which will enable you to entertain any house guests alfresco into the early hours. 

String and fairy lights are a favourite for illuminating garden decks. You can buy and install poles that you can use to hang string or fairy lights above your decking. Alternatively, drape these lights over any nearby fencing for a cutesy ambience. 

Solar spotlights

Add cosy layers to seating areas

You don’t want everyone to be sitting outside shivering when hosting your own mini Bonfire Night display or Christmas get-together in the back garden. 

Wrap up nice and warm, get the hot chocolates on standby, and place thick blankets, cushions and throws on any chairs and sofas that you can all snuggle under to keep the cold at bay.

Alfresco dining

Inject some colour

The cooler conditions and an absence of strong sunshine may cause your garden to lose the vibrant colour that it had in summer, but you can cleverly inject colour in other ways. 

Revive the look of any garden pots, boxes and containers on your decking with a pot of paint and paintbrush, or if they’re beyond restoration, buy some new pots and containers that colour-match nicely with the decking. 

Installing plants on and around the deck will also give it an explosion of colour, but they need to be hardy to survive the weather. Heather and red berried skimmia are two great choices that should endure.

Outdoor plants

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