UPVC Decking Layouts

Perfect Decking Layouts: Ideas, Tips, and Inspiration

Get informed of the major considerations involved in planning a decking layout for a trouble-free endeavour.


Decking Layout Essentials: Designs & Colour Schemes

Steering your way towards appealing and eternally practical outdoor decking pivots on the choosing of an optimal layout, design, and colour scheme.

Prospective decking layouts include the universally liked linear layout, where deckboards are laid out in straight, parallel lines, a diagonal formation, and the Herringbone, Chevron, and Basketweave layouts.

In a material comparison, we rank UPVC as a clear leader ahead of timber, aluminium, and composite decking for its affordability, low maintenance, and durability.

Colour selection should be made based on what finish you’re into and which will suit your home’s existing architecture.

The craze for different shades of grey continues, bound to please anyone who’s after a sleek, modern elegance, but some like to mimic wood and the nature around their decking, which is best achieved with brown, beige, and red tones. Get a blend of both effects in opting for a two-tone finish, creating an eye-catching contrast.

Where and How to Place Your Decking

Placement of decking into garden terrains and small or irregularly shaped garden spaces requires the wisdom of a decking company that’s seen and done it all – step forward, Lakeland Verandahs.
Project preparation and planning is essential – fail to do the legwork and disappointment will almost certainly follow. We won’t let that transpire as we’re meticulous in what we do.

For ease of use, it’s clear that having decking situated near a house makes sense, especially if intending to be regularly taking food outside for al fresco dining on the deck. A set of sliding doors or in-built steps will support this routine.

UPVC Decking

If you view decking as more of a spot for sunbathing, it needs positioning where ample light hits the platformed area (turn to our pergolas for shading).

Does your garden look out at a stunning natural landscape? Embrace that view by stationing the decking in a position you can really absorb it, elevated if necessary.

Misshapen decks, curved and such, prosper in locations where they must work around immovable structures and features and be of a very fixed dimension.
Multi-level decking can maximise a small garden space and is practical when contending with a slope.

Work with us and we’ll unravel a winning decking formula.

Types of Deck Layouts

Decking layout designs are wide-ranging to say the least, with crafted shapes to suit everyone’s functional and creative inclinations and overcome any site restrictions faced during a decking installation. Lots of layout inspiration is waiting to be discovered in the galleries showcased throughout our website.

This is by no means definitive, but here is a breakdown of some of the most sought-after deck layouts.


The uncomplicated option and a bona fide classic that’s undemanding to design and construct.


Perfectly symmetrical with sides all consistent in length and popular for compact patios.


Its curved silhouette instinctively draws attention, and sitting on a circular deck, you somehow feel very enclosed.


Go up a level with a multi-tiered design via its connecting stairs so you can have segmented zones.


Forming the pattern of an “L” around the corner of a property maximises utilisation of a corner space.


When constraints deem the above layouts unacceptable, customisation is your salvation, allowing you to fashion a one-off arrangement.

Best Practices for Optimal Layout

The available space in your garden will prescribe what layout configurations will integrate most successfully, whether it’s your standard rectangle deck, an l-shape deck, or wraparound deck, and to what size.

Functionality must be thought about too as you may visualise using decking purely for private relaxation, in which case it will need an intimate arrangement, or making it a communal area for entertaining large groups, requiring a broad layout.

The look and profile of decking also needs to be aligned with your home architecture, closely mirroring its aesthetic and composition. You tend to be able to pull off curiously angled decking shapes at contemporary residences, but if you reside in a traditional dwelling, classic shaped decking is a more compatible layout selection.

UPVC Decking

Costs of Decking Layouts

An accurate costing for the decking plans you have in mind for your outdoor space is best calculated once we have some awareness of your objectives, learn about the impending destination of the decking, and know how much decking area you want.

Price can also vary between materials. We solely specialise in UPVC decking, which as luck would have it is a cost-saving solution, so it won’t dent your budget like some other types of decking would.

To gauge what you might expect to pay, provide us with some measurements at your first appointment, recording the length and width of the scheduled deck size and multiplying the two figures together. Trims, joists, and fittings can also affect the final cost, as can the desired height of the decking.

Costs can be kept down by electing for an uncomplex layout as intricate layout templates add to labour charges.

A couple of other potential factors that can affect cost follow…

Balustrades and Accessories

If the decking will be enjoyed by any young children and pets in your family, a UPVC or glass balustrade surround is an accessory worth investing in, a protective barrier to safeguard their safety. Consider this imperative if it is at height.

At the conclusion of the fitting and following the departure of our installation team, it’s over to you to embellish the new decking, adding colour, interest, and a touch of nature with vibrant planters, accessible through Lakeland Verandahs.

When unnerved by the prospect of being in the full glare of neighbours whilst out on your decking, look to privacy screening and box hedges, also included in our accessories range, to partially shield your outdoor habitat from view.

Ground Clearance and Preparation

No deck can be installed without some ground clearance first as the relevant patch of ground needs preparing to offer ample stability.

This can include removing rocks and debris, levelling it, and ensuring there is sufficient drainage to prevent a buildup of water underneath. A solid foundation is reliant on meticulous ground clearance.

Decking Ideas For Garden Parties

Weed Mat

To stop the growth of weeds beneath the decking, a weeding mat can be put down ahead of the decking construction. Weed germination flourishes from sunlight exposure and the mat will block it out so it stays weed-free under the decking.

Were you to omit use of a weed mat, you run the risk of weeds and unwanted plants sprouting up between the small gaps in the deckboards and regularly having to pull them out.

Get inspiration and ideas from Lakeland Verandahs customers

Refer to our gallery to fantasise how our garden decking can convert your underutilised green space into a destination for dining in the open air, partying, or taking it easy.

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