Garden & Decking Trends For 2022

2022 Trends garden and decking

In the last couple of years there has been a shift in homeowners looking for ways to utilise their outdoor spaces as they continue to spend more time at home.

Many households are fully grasping their garden and decking’s potential to combat the cabin fever we are all too familiar with and provide them with the additional space they desperately need.

As we are already a few weeks into the start of the year, it may be time to start thinking about how these shifts will impact 2022’s big trends.

Fortunately, we’ve rounded up our predictions for the three most significant garden and decking trends of the year:


Sustainability is more than just a marketing buzzword. Consumers are increasingly savvy about sustainable materials and are passionate about doing the right thing by the planet. 

Companies who provide environmentally friendly decking, bee-friendly pesticides and recyclable garden furniture will likely come out on top this year as we all try to do our bit.

In addition, homeowners are choosing to plant vegetable gardens, make their own compost and even researching the benefits of adding ‘bee hotels’ to their gardens.

Sustainable decking

Easy to maintain gardens and decking

A self-sufficient garden is the goal in 2022.

It may have felt as though each and every neighbour was completing a garden project during summer in lockdown. And while the trend of improving our outdoor spaces continues, people now want to spend more time relaxing in their gardens and less time working on them.

This will result in more natural-looking gardens and low-maintenance decking. Alternatives such as UPVC decking, which is able to maintain its woodgrain effect with very little work, is likely to be an even bigger hit this year.

Maintenance free decking

A year round space

With many households investing time and money into their outdoor spaces, understandably, they want to get the most out of it! 

The UK weather isn’t always kind to us so adding lighting, outdoor heaters and weather resistant furniture and decking can ensure the space stays useable throughout the seasons.

Year round decking

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