Get A 10 Year Insurance Backed Warranty At Lakeland Verandahs

Since being put into lockdown, we’re relying on our gardens more than we ever possibly have done before for getting out in the open air and savouring some sunshine. 

UPVC Decking & Glass Balustrades

If you don’t have some already, it’s at a time like this that you may wish you had decking in your garden, a dedicated area where you could sit out with everyone else living in the house. 

That can still be organised via Lakeland Verandahs (we’re continuing to work) and our UPVC decking will last long after lockdown ends – for a minimum of 10 years, in fact. 

It’s a bold claim but one that we happily back-up as every customer who purchases decking from us receives a 10 year insurance backed warranty. 

Being an insurance backed warranty, and not just a standard warranty, is very significant. 

It means that if Lakeland Verandahs happened to go out of business and stop trading, the decking you purchased would still be covered within the warranty period if any problems arose with it. Therefore, you would not have to get it repaired or replaced out of your own pocket. 

This, hopefully, instills confidence in you when you decide to invest your money in our decking products, rather than anyone else’s. 

We’ve conducted so much research, development and testing, and the conclusions from all this work have shown that our decking can sustain for at least this length of time – it’s not just our gut telling us that!

It very rarely happens, but if you do experience any issues with a product bought from Lakeland Verandahs, get in touch immediately and we will speedily fix things. This, again, highlights the benefit of a good warranty – you would be mad to buy decking without one. 

A lifetime of reassurance awaits. Get your FREE UPVC decking quote here.