How To Accessorise Your Decking For Summer BBQs

A Summer Barbecue

Get out the grill and start flipping some burgers in the garden for al fresco eating, because barbecue season is here!

It feels as though it’s ingrained in us Brits to want to cook on the coals when the weather’s warm, and it’s always most fun with an audience of friends and family.

Why don’t you host one this weekend, if the conditions let you, and in readiness for the arrival of your guests, create the perfect summer setup on your decking.

Snug seating and cushions

As drinks are being taken, prior to food being dished out, we tend to initially socialise standing up at barbecues, but it’s easier to sit once it’s eating time, so you need some suitable seating, complete with cushions.

Measure up your decking before you buy any furniture so that it’s not oversized for the space, and try out anything you like first to see if it passes the cosy test.

If it’ll work, a half-moon sofa would be great for dining interaction and for afterwards, and you can all huddle up on it, if the temperature drops, to stay warm.

An Outdoor Hut On UPVC Decking

Garden bar

Barbecuing is almost theatrical and to add to the theatre of it, put up a garden bar on your deck or at one end of the garden.

Garden bars can be purchased online for a reasonable price and assembled in just a few hours, where you can play bartender and show off your top-notch mixology skills – cocktail, anyone?

An Aperol Spritz

Add tall plants for shade

The heat that comes from the barbecue, combined with the sun’s rays (hopefully), could make for a sweltering hot atmosphere outside and you don’t want people chilling on your decking to be uncomfortable in it.

Place tall potted plants in an area where they will provide some welcome shade and stop anyone from feeling the burn.

This lofty foliage could also be positioned to restrict what any uninvited neighbours can see as they look into your garden, if you value your privacy.

Cushions On UPVC Decking

Lakeland Verandahs has been in the business of enhancing gardens for over 10 years, so we know the recipe for a brilliant barbecue venue, with decking an essential ingredient. You can request a quote for it here.