How To Choose The Right Colour For Your New Decking

Let’s imagine that you have decided that you would like to invest in some garden decking for this summer – so, what next?

Maple Decking Finished In Anteak Fascias

Well, firstly, are you going to build it yourself or bring in a professional to do it? And then you also must decide on its size, positioning, and also the colour of the deck. 

In terms of finding the right colour, see if you can get hold of some colour samples first, or at least be shown a few in person. 

Ultimately, you want a coloured deck that matches and complements the surroundings where it will live.

You could go with a colour that’s very similar to the colour scheme used in the internal area closest to your new deck, if you want to try and make your decking an extension of the indoors.

Consider what colour your house is too. At a white-coloured property, almost any coloured deck will fit in fine.  

Do you love the natural look of wood, but don’t want a timber deck? A brown colour of some form would be a great choice, a real earthy finish that you see throughout nature.  

Grey is a very on-trend colour, one that’s neutral, safe, smart, and anything but dull. It offers a middle ground between white and black, if you find either of them too visually impactful. You would also find yourself having to clean a white deck an awful lot more than a grey deck because marks and dirt show up very easily on it. 

Black decking is for those who wish to make a bold statement. If you pair it with lighter colours, they will soften it a little, and, collectively, the colours will give off a luxurious look. 

You’re allowed to have more than one coloured board too, if that will make it suited to where it’s going. 

Reach out to Lakeland Verandahs for further advice on colour. You can get a choice of 8 colours for the UPVC decking currently available with a discount in our sale.