How To Create A Low-Maintenance Garden

How To Create A Low-Maintenance Garden

Finding the time to maintain your garden space can be tricky when you have so many other life commitments to juggle.

Now that autumn’s just around the corner, garden maintenance tends to be less time-consuming than in summer. However, some upkeep continues to be necessary so that your garden looks immaculate through autumn, is prepared for winter, and will begin to blossom again in spring.

If your regular day-to-day schedule is too packed to dedicate the required effort in autumn, or year-round for that matter, or gardening is one of the lesser enjoyed activities in your life, reduce future garden management by making it easier to care for.

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Cover a section of your lawn with decking

Achieving a lush and healthy green lawn can be hard work, with many hours of feeding, watering, weeding, mowing etc. required to get it.

Decrease the size of your patch of grass by covering a suitable area of it with Lakeland’s UPVC decking, and create a functional space without the hard work.

Think about access from your home to the decking to prevent having to walk across the grass during the autumn and winter months and preserve the look of your grass ready for summer again.

From your new stylish, functional outdoor decking, you can use more of your spare time admiring your leftover lawn than nurturing it.

Lawn edging

Edging your lawn to create a clearly defined boundary between the grassed area and any surrounding garden beds and pathways can restrict weed growth – the edging will also stop weeds spreading away from their location and spilling onto your lawn.

There are many different types of edging you can get fitted to control weeds and contain your grass, including rubber-based borders, picket-fence borders, edging rolls, and log-effect edging.

Consider using the decking as a wider border around the garden too and give you access to areas which may see less use all year round.

UPVC Box Hedge and Planters
Plant perennials around your decking

Plant perennials

Got a garden that’s devoid of or lacking colour? Plant some perennial flowers and shrubs to bring it to life and see them regrow year after year.

Annuals and biennials need replanting every one to two years, but the most hardy perennials can last far longer (decades in some cases!) and without much attention.

The longest-lasting perennials include the Bearded Iris, featuring sword-like leaves, Daffodils, an easily growable flower, and Clematis, which can flower in all seasons depending on the species you choose.

Contemplate how you could incorporate a deck around flowers, trees and other garden features to really frame them and bring them to life.

Book in an order for UPVC decking from Lakeland Verandahs this autumn and receive 20% off its normal retail price in our autumn sale.

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