How To Get Your Garden Decking Set Up For The Summer

There’s only a few days to go until it’s official – summer is here! It’s felt like a very long time coming, so you want to embrace this summer like no other. 

Anthracite Grey Corner Decking

We implore you to get out in the garden every time that the sun is out and blesses us with some gorgeously hot rays. 

Put out a picnic blanket on your lawn, or better still, use your decking as a spot for sunning yourself and enjoying a bit of food and a few cheeky beverages. 

Decking should come into its own in summer as that’s when you ought to use it most. 

Get it summer-ready with a few pointers from Lakeland:

Clean it

If you haven’t been near your decking since last summer, you want to give it a good clean first, which is really simple to do if you have a UPVC deck, rather than a timber deck. 

You can buy several UPVC cleaning products, or save your money and just use a solution of warm soapy water and a non-abrasive cloth or mop to bring a shine to the deckboards. 

That’s literally all you need to do as UPVC decks don’t need repainting and they don’t rot or splinter, like wooden decks do. 

Sort out your seating

You want enough seating areas for everyone, and the seating needs to be comfortable too as you may well sit out for hours – no one’s backside should be going numb!

See if there’s anything you already have that you can upcycle, such as an old chest to which you can add some padded cushioning to the back and the base. If you’d prefer to buy new, wicker furniture is a good shout for summer. 

For eating and drinking outside you will also need a big table or two, and maybe a few side tables as well. 

Put out some plants

Plants aren’t just for the garden. You can also display them in containers on your decking to give it some colour and a lovely scent that passes into your nostrils. 

Choose containers of differing sizes to create a visual interest, and opt for plants with a colour that complements your surrounds. 

So that you don’t have to do a lot of watering, buy low-maintenance, hard-to-kill plants. 

Speak to your local Lakeland Verandahs installer if you don’t yet have decking, but would like some for this summer, and many more to come. Make contact here.