How To Give Your Garden A Makeover On A Budget

Red berries and other winter growth

We tend to neglect our gardens in winter as we’re too occupied with cosying up and keeping warm indoors, but you shouldn’t do as a garden is as important as any other prominent feature of your house.

Give your garden a glance now and how would you evaluate it?

If you feel it could do with a bit of a lift, you don’t have to go to great expense to get it looking good again as there are lots of budget-friendly things you can do that will renew its appeal.

Upcycle household items

Any empty jars that you have can be given a new life by washing them out first and then popping some LED lights inside which you can hang from any trees. It’ll give the garden a beautiful warm glow at night.

You can also create a colourful flower and herb display on an old wooden pallet or crate (painted and varnished) that you either press up against a fence or mount on a wall. With some treatment, pallets and crates can also make great garden tables.

Really thinking outside of the box, turn an unwanted pair of Wellington boots into a set of planters.

A glass jar with fairy lights

Keep an eye out for discounted plants

It’s almost time for the post-Christmas sales period and many local Garden Centres will participate in it, often selling off plants that need planting up or have reached the end of their flowering season.

See if you can get any cut-price Primulas, Irises, Snowdrops etc. that you can pot in your available containers and watch grow over the coming months.

Potted plants

Cover an old patio with an outdoor rug

The cost of repairing and cleaning a patio can be expensive. Hide any cracks, uneven areas and dirtiness from view by putting down a vibrant rug on it.

Find one that’s waterproof, durable, easy to clean and covers enough surface area to prevent your patio from becoming any more unkempt.

It could be a useful stopgap while you save up the money to get your patio back in peak condition.

Lots of rugs

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