How To Give Your UPVC Decking A Spring Clean

How To Give Your UPVC Decking A Spring Clean

It’s once again time to do the annual spring clean of your house and you don’t just want the inside of it to sparkle, but the outside too.

Grab your cleaning gear and pay particular attention to any decking you have as we imagine you will be using it a lot over the coming weeks and months to get a break from the indoors, or at least you should be.

If it’s wooden decking you own and it’s been left untouched since last year, it will take a lot more time and effort to clean it than UPVC decking.

You will firstly need to remove any moss, mould and algae, vigorously brush the deck with a stiff broom, attend to any loose boards and raised screws and power wash it, and this is all before you apply any paint, stain or oil to reinvigorate its appearance.

If you have UPVC decking, then you’re laughing as it’s low maintenance and so much easier to clean – you’ll have it done far quicker.

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Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting it done:

  • Begin by hosing down the decking to shift any dirt and then use a decking-specific cleaner to get rid of mould and mildew. Hose it down again after doing this.
  • For a cleaning product for UPVC decking, try Wash Bomb, available to buy here, which is good for removing grime and any build-up of grease from decked surfaces. Just pour it into a bucket and fill with water, ahead of applying to the surface.
  • Another product that will revive the look of UPVC decking is DeckMAX’s Advanced PVC Deck Revitaliser, made to reverse the effects of fading, weathering, stains, minor scratches and scuffs. Handily, it only needs to be used once a year.

And that’s it. Just one of the many great advantages UPVC decking has over wooden decking.

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