How To Know When To Replace Your Fencing

Using fencing is a great way of creating a protective barrier for your home, an easily installed measure that can make thieves think twice about trying to gain unauthorised access to it.

Maintenance Free UPVC Fencing

It’s also good for marking out your territory for people to see, and can make the place more visually appealing. 

But it can only offer proper secure and aesthetic qualities when in absolute prime condition, otherwise it’s a pretty pointless thing to have. 

Some forms of fencing age more rapidly than others, for instance, traditional wooden fencing.

It’s very easy to tell when a wooden fence has seen its best days.


When wooden fencing starts to rot, it most often does so at the bottom of the fence panels because of moisture from the ground. 

There are things you can do to try and stop rotting, such as applying a preservative, but once it sets in, you will have a very hard time keeping it at bay.


The weather that we get in this country puts wooden fencing under tremendous strain and it struggles to cope with it. 

Once its strength goes, it will start to lean, which doesn’t look pretty, and could well eventually completely collapse. 


Our temperamental climate can also cause fence panels to split. Any split panels can be replaced, but if you have a host of them, it can become more trouble than it’s worth splashing out on new ones all the time. 

Unless immediately dealt with, they give wooden fencing a really ugly look. 

You will get lengthier all-round quality and a lot less hassle in the long-term when you use UPVC fencing instead. 

Lakeland Verandahs has a standard and premium range of UPVC fencing, which both outperform wooden fencing in every respect. When you request an online virtual quotation, you will find out how affordable it is too.