How To Make A Small Decked Area Look And Feel Bigger

We get a lot of customers coming to us and asking if it is possible to create a decked area in a very confined outdoor space at their home. 99% of the time we manage it. 

We visit the property, perform a survey and measure up, allowing us to design and then install a suitable decking arrangement for the relevant surroundings, one that offers enough space to feel worthwhile. 

When tasked with these small-scale projects, using all of our experience, we do our very best to make the compact decks we provide somehow feel bigger than they actually are. 

We’ll let you into some of the secrets of how we do it, which you will find useful knowing if you fancy having a small decked area yourself:

Light colours

One of the biggest tricks of the trade is to use light-coloured decking to create the feeling of space, very much like you would use a light colour palette to make a small room inside your house look more spacious. 

Where possible, we try to position small decks in a spot well exposed to the sun as sunlight creates the illusion of space. For the night-times, outdoor lighting can prove just as effective at doing this.

Built-in seating

To maximise the flooring space that your decking offers, instead of too much of it being taken up by garden chairs, choose to have your seating built into the decking itself. 

For example, you could have a ready incorporated bench where you can take the weight off your feet. It will also stop you needing to keep maintaining your garden furniture and replacing it every few years. If that’s not possible, buy small-sized furniture.

Make it an extension of a patio

You may already have a bit of patio area in your garden, and if you do, it would make sense to install the decking next door to it, or as close as possible, so that it becomes one large outdoor space. 

If there are any surrounding walls where you could put up some mirrors, take advantage of that as the mirrors will reflect the outdoor space, known to boost the sense of space.

If you don’t have much outdoor space to play with, but are keen to get some decking added to it, we’re sure we could do something for you. Get a FREE quote and then we can begin planning it.