How to make the most of your deck year-round

How to make the most of your deck year-round

Your deck isn’t just an outdoor space for summer barbecues and lazy afternoons in the sunshine.

At Lakeland Verandahs, we believe that your deck is a year-round spot waiting to be enjoyed throughout the seasons.

Wondering how to make the most of your deck every season, even during Christmas? Let’s uncover the secrets to maximising your deck’s potential throughout the year.

How to Make the Most of Your Deck Year Round
How to Make the Most of Your Deck Year Round

Transform Your Deck for Every Season

The key to enjoying your deck year-round lies in its adaptability. You can embrace the changing seasons by tweaking the setup.

In spring and summer, your deck can become an alfresco dining area with comfortable seating and vibrant potted plants. As autumn arrives, introduce cosy elements like blankets, outdoor heaters, and warm lighting to create an inviting space for crisp evenings.

And during the festive period, sprinkle the deck with Christmas cheer – think twinkling lights and festive decor.

Invest in Weather-Resistant Features

To ensure your deck’s usability despite varying weather conditions, invest in durable, weather-resistant features. Consider installing a veranda or awning to shield your deck from rain, snow, or harsh sunlight. We can help with this too – reach out to explore our selection of verandas and upcoming garden rooms!

This addition not only extends the usability of your deck during inclement weather but also provides shade and protection for outdoor gatherings throughout the year.

For your decking, opt for high-quality, low-maintenance materials (such as our UPVC decking) and choose furniture that can withstand the elements, ensuring longevity and hassle-free upkeep.

How to Make the Most of Your Deck Year Round
How to Make the Most of Your Deck Year Round

Create a Christmas Wonderland on Your Deck

Who says the joy of Christmas can’t extend to your outdoor spaces? Turn your deck into a winter wonderland during the festive season!

Adorn your deck with twinkling fairy lights, hang wreaths, and place a beautifully decorated Christmas tree in one corner. Set up a cosy seating area with cushions and blankets, where you can sip hot chocolate or mulled wine while admiring the winter scenery.

Hosting a Christmas gathering? Utilise your deck as an enchanting extension of your home, spreading Christmas cheer under the stars.

At Lakeland Verandahs, we believe your deck is more than just a summer spot – it’s a versatile space that can be enjoyed all year long.

Get inspired and unleash the potential of your deck with our durable UPVC decking, transforming it into a space for every season, including the magical Christmas period. Download a brochure for inspiration here and keep up to date with our latest offers here.

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