How To Make The Most Of Your Decking In Winter

We can’t imagine that you will fancy braving the winter weather and using your UPVC decking for the next few months, but that doesn’t mean you should completely neglect it until the spring and summertime. 

UPVC Decking & UPVC Balustrades

For instance, when there’s a nearby wall, you could always install a mounted electric heater to keep the area well heated, without you having to resort to wearing layer upon layer. If there’s no available wall space, the alternative is to set up a portable gas heater closeby. Though this won’t warm up your outdoor decking area quite as quickly, it will help you feel suitably toasty. Or, what about a raised fire pit that you can all huddle around and enjoy toasted marshmallows?

Get the heating right, and you could even defy convention and have a Christmas Day barbecue – grilled turkey anyone? 

People living nearby may scratch their head at your unorthodox outdoor Christmas dinner when they see you congregating on the decking during the Queen’s Speech, but you’ll be the one laughing. 

However, none of this will be possible without some lighting. 

Low-level lighting underneath rails and seats will add a bright glow, and you won’t have to worry about the weather damaging them. Hanging up fairy lights around the decked area will also nicely illuminate the space and give it a magical effect. 

If we get a long-awaited white Christmas or snow at any other point, the decking will need to be covered. 

Timber framing or a canopy around the deck with a either a firm fabric or robust roofing material, will stop the surface getting slippery and you getting snowflakes on your head. 

To make a real splash, why not integrate a hot tub into your decking? Now that’s certain to get the neighbours’ talking.

When space permits, it isn’t too difficult to add a hot tub, but just make sure that it’s positioned so that next door don’t get an eyeful of you all in your cossies! 


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