How To Make Your Decking Area Winter-Ready

The weather might be a little chilly right now, but you don’t want to be stuck indoors throughout the majority of the winter, because let’s be honest, we have all spent enough time inside at home this year!

You should get well wrapped up and take some time outside. If you have a patch of decking in your garden, head there when you can, and move away from those four walls for a bit. 

People often assume that decking is something only to be used in summer, but that isn’t true, not if it’s correctly set up for the winter. 

Use our three-step guide to make your decking as pleasurable a place to enjoy in winter as it is in summer.

Install a wall-mounted patio heater

It’s been mild so far this winter, but that can very quickly change. So that you don’t go too cold, get a fire source fitted. 

If you have a nearby wall it can be affixed to, purchase a wall-mounted patio heater, which should be mounted 2.2m to 2.5m high from the ground, and can radiate heat up to around 3.5m. 

Using a raised fire source like this will stop any possibility of the heat it generates causing your decking to overheat.

Light it up

You don’t want to be sat in the dark at night, and you want your decking to shine out like a beautiful beacon. 

With Christmas coming, get in the festive spirit and hang a string of fairy lights around the space, or have spotlights positioned above your deck if it’s covered. 

If worried about the weather damaging your lighting, choose low-level lighting that you can have added to railings and underneath any seated areas. It will be inconspicuous on the eyes, but the light emitted by the bulbs certainly won’t be.

Put in a pizza oven

A bit of hot food helps to warm your stomach and one of this year’s most sought after items is the outdoor pizza oven. 

Ensure that any pizza oven you buy is fitted a safe distance away from your decking so that like a wall-mounted patio heater, it doesn’t overheat your deck. 

It won’t cost too much dough (sorry!), and once it’s in, making pizzas can become your party piece, all enjoyed out on the deck. It’ll beat your usual takeaway pizza.

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