How To Plan A Picnic On Your Deck

With National Picnic Month and National Grilling Month both falling in July, it’s time to send out those invites to neighbours and friends before their weekends get filled up with other engagements.

Anthracite Grey Garden Decking

In theory, July is a great time to dine alfresco, as long as the weather plays along!

Fortunately, you don’t have to head out far to host a picnic – pack a picnic basket, grab some blankets and sit out on your very own slip-resistant UPVC decking.

There’s something about socialising in nature on a summer’s day that boosts everyone’s moods and as long as you keep the Pimm’s and beers flowing, you won’t have to worry about a lull in conservation.

Scatter cushions on your decking and add an icebox of drinks so you don’t need to keep heading to the fridge. Add a sound system to set the mood.

Just remember to buy non-toxic bug spray to prevent being bitten or swarmed by bugs!

And thanks to our low-maintenance UPVC decking, a simple wipe down is all you need to get your decking looking pristine for guests.

Picnics rose in popularity in the mid 18th century in France and many of the staple picnic foods are still as popular today – wine, fruit, cheese, bread and smoked meats. 

The key is to focus on simple finger foods that can be shared amongst friends. 

If you want to extend the fun, add lawn games for your guests. Favourites include skittles, croquet and boules. 

While you sadly can’t control the weather, you can be confident in showing your friends and family a good time with great company and food.

If you are looking to upgrade your outdoor area for hosting purposes, get in touch for a quote for UPVC decking and check out our special offers here.