How You Can Use Your Decking In Cold Weather

As lovely and warm as it’s been during the daytimes over the past week or so, it’s starting to get chilly at night, as you’ll have begun to notice if you’ve been using your decking after sunset.

You won’t want summer to end if you have a decked area in your back garden, but you have to face facts, it’s autumn now. 

However, that doesn’t have to spell the end of your decking usage until next summer, far from it actually. You just need some source of warmth whilst you’re out there so that you’re not having to wear layer upon layer to stop your teeth chattering and keep the goosebumps at bay. 

That warmth can stem from any of these three things:

A thick throw or blanket

Wrapping yourself in a thick throw or blanket will be like receiving a big, cosy cuddle from someone. 

There are some outdoor throws and blankets that are large enough for two people to get under together if you want to cuddle up with your partner. 

If you ever have guests joining you, get your throws or blankets placed out on your garden seating in anticipation of their arrival. They will stop them turning blue!

A patio heater

You can buy both gas and electricity patio heaters that are free-standing, mounted or hanging and typically made from steel or aluminium. 

A gas patio heater will be the best solution if your decking isn’t located close to an electrical outlet, and it also tends to use less energy than an electric heater.

Ensure you get a patio heater that offers the power capacity to effectively heat up the full area so that no-one goes cold.

A fire pit

Remember those camp fires you used to have as a kid? To recreate such childhood memories, introduce a fire pit to your decking that you can all surround. 

There are portable fire pits available if you want the option of carefully moving it from one area to another, or get a fire pit that can be permanently fixed down if you have the perfect spot for one. 

Models vary from cast iron to copper fire pits, and they can run on various forms of fuel, including wood, natural gas and charcoal.

Just please keep your chosen fire pit at a safe distance from the decking, or be extra safe and cover it with a fire pit screen so that the heat does not cause any damage to it. 

Summer may be over, but that shouldn’t stop you getting UPVC composite decking fitted this autumn, if you want it. Lakeland Verandahs installs decking all-year round, so get yourself a FREE quote.