Lakeland Verandahs Is An Installer In Northern Ireland

We keep broadening the reach of our product range to make it accessible to more customers. 

Lakeland Verandahs Is An Installer In Northern Ireland

If you’re a resident in Northern Ireland, you can buy our advanced UPVC decking, fencing and balustrades for your outdoor living space as we have a Northern Ireland operation. 

Lakeland Verandahs is now the dominant force in decking and fencing in Northern Ireland.

For the 1.9 million people living in the country, be advised that our Northern Ireland outfit installs in all areas, from Newtownabbey to Newry. 

Northern Ireland has its fair share of decking and fencing suppliers, but none of them have decking and fencing solutions to the standard of Lakeland Verandahs. 

Our decking and fencing products offer a superior quality, that’s a fact, and we have a brilliant team running the Northern Ireland branch too, an enthusiastic group of workers with great experience and excellent people skills. 

Anyone who uses Lakeland Verandahs in Northern Ireland can expect the same fine products, the same fine service, and the same 10-year guarantee that we offer elsewhere.

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