Love Your Garden – Ways To Enjoy Your Garden Space At The Moment

A silver lining for everyone at home right now is that hallelujah, the sun is shining. So, if you have a garden, you’d be mad not to get out of the house and enjoy it whilst the weather is being so kind, as we all know too well how quickly conditions can change in this country. 

You’re currently limited to going out for exercise once a day, but there’s no time limit on how much time you can spend in your garden and your mind and body both need to be fuelled with lots of fresh air and Vitamin D to keep you feeling healthy. 

Make garden living a real family affair and encourage everyone in isolation with you to revert to the outdoors – it will benefit you all and genuinely lift your spirits.

Chill time in the garden is always nice and there are other ways of appreciating the good life in your green space.

Get those fingers green

Looking for a new hobby that you and the kids can take up from home? All of you channel your inner Titchmarsh and have a go at some horticulture, an outdoor activity that scientists have identified can improve mental health thanks to the sense of purpose and achievement it gives you when you see your planted flowers spring to life. 

Stick on the gardening gloves and arm yourself with all the small and large garden implements you have in storage (secateurs, shears, loppers, hand forks, trowels, large spades, rakes etc.) to help you create a colourful garden display, using buckets, baskets and barrels, or vegetable patch so that you can become somewhat self-sufficient

Take the indoors, outdoors

Your garden is as much of a safe haven as your traditional living area, so turn the outdoors into the new indoors.  

Entice the kids out of the house by improvising different outdoor play areas for them or give them somewhere they can watch their tablets and phones or do their homeschooling amongst nature. Holding lessons outside, rather than in an indoor ‘classroom’, can boost productivity, and it’s well-known that fresh air can improve sleep. 

You could stay out there long into the night if you have torches, candles and lanterns to illuminate the garden after sunset and a few thick throws and blankets to cover up with when it gets chilly.

Develop an appetite for eating out

Forget about dining indoors for now. It’s much more fun having all of your breakfasts, lunches and dinners outside on the decking, which will give you that holiday-like feel. And can you really call yourself a Brit if you don’t own a barbecue?

We tell you what the kids would love – a garden picnic! Or mum and dad could do the same after the kids have gone to bed and treat it as a Date Night on the lawn.

For the little ones, put down a pretty-looking blanket and serve up some sausage rolls, pizza bites and mini muffins for afters, with soft drinks poured out and a teddy bear for company.

Wishing you had some UPVC or composite decking in your garden to make it an even better outdoor setting? Lakeland Verandahs is still working and can get much of the organising done ahead of installing it at your home in the near future. Contact us to get the ball rolling.