Our Favourite Lakeland Decking Installations So Far This Year

UPVC decking with plants

All the lovely weather we have had recently has been the catalyst for a huge surge in the number of people requesting our UPVC decking for their outdoor spaces.

It’s the peak time to be using decking and Lakeland Verandahs’ Installer Network has worked tirelessly since the start of the year to fit out homes with decking in time for it coming.

There’s been some superb projects in the first half of 2022 and we expect lots more of them over the next few months.

We’ve picked out some of them to show you the fantastic skill levels of our many regional outlets.


Can you believe this transformation!? It was the work of our Sussex branch, who firstly had to take out extremely tired-looking wooden decking at this Brighton house so that new UPVC decking could be installed. It left it looking unrecognisable from its former state. What a vantage point to look out at the world, which we hear the householder likes doing on a frequent basis.

New UPVC decking at a Brighton home

Multi-level decking

We don’t just do normal flat decks. We can also provide multi-level decks, like this one, brilliantly designed and fitted for one very happy customer. The garden was given a close inspection beforehand so that the installer knew exactly what would be required, and though challenging, they came through with a highly inventive decking setup.

Multi-level UPVC decking


Formby in the North West of England was the location for this decking with a tropical flavour. The team did a great job of incorporating the green elements into the design. Finished in ‘Agate Grey’, it has an ‘Anthracite’ fascia as a beautiful colour contrast. Space was in short supply for the decking, but that didn’t pose a problem as we always manage to find a solution.

UPVC decking at a home in Formby

We could be shining the spotlight on decking at your house if you have new UPVC decking installed by Lakeland Verandahs in the immediate future. Contact us to get it arranged.