Outdoor Lighting Ideas For Your Garden This Winter

With temperatures tumbling at night, you’re unlikely to spend lots of time in your garden after dark over winter, but if you get well wrapped up, and it’s well-lit, why not use the space. 

Having the right lighting for your outdoor setting is all-important if you want to head for the back when the sun goes in as you don’t want to be sat out there in the pitch black!

There’s certainly no need for that as there are plenty of outdoor lighting options available, and plenty of ways of illuminating the area, and here are some ideas of what you can do:

Use rope lights to emphasise your garden

Many of us took up gardening during the summer to keep ourselves occupied. 

To enjoy the fruits of your gardening labour during the winter nights, place some rope lighting around the perimeter of the garden so that it shines a light on any plants you’ve grown and shows off the effort made to keep the lawn immaculately preened. 

Separate spotlights can be used to stress any plants you particularly like.

Hang lanterns in any trees you have

Make the most of any trees in your garden by securely suspending hanging lanterns on any suitable branches to give the place a gorgeous night-time glow. 

You could opt for candle lanterns, but you will have to keep remembering to blow them out, so it may be a better idea to invest in battery-powered lanterns, which will also save you having to rely on a power source, and last for many hours.

Have spotlights integrated into your decking

If you have a decked area outside, you should illuminate it, including any steps that are a part of its design. 

Integrated spotlights will do the job nicely, and if there’s any railing, how about wrapping some fairy lights around some of the rails to give the deck an impressive presence.

The light they emit will create a warm atmosphere, and the lights can be colour-changing, if you like.

Lakeland Verandahs supplies its own range of outdoor lighting, courtesy of EasyConnect, which is extremely simple to fit and includes deck lights, spotlights, garland lighting and colour-changing LED’s. 

Download our Lighting brochure to find out more.