Some Common Misconceptions About UPVC Decking

Common misconceptions about UPVC decking

It’s no great shock that decking suppliers who solely provide timber decking might want to try and downplay the benefits of UPVC decking. 

Deep down they probably know that timber decking cannot compete with UPVC decking on several levels, but they can hardly come out and admit it. 

These are some of the myths you may hear about UPVC decking, which we’re very happy to legitimately dispel.

It fades easily

That’s not true, or it’s certainly not true when it’s bought from Lakeland Verandahs. Our UPVC deckboards are designed to withstand prolonged exposure to UV rays and won’t become brittle. 

The finish will endure and look just as good as it did when you first had the decking installed after many years. 

Wooden decking regularly needs repainting because of faded and worn finishes, but you will never need to take a paintbrush to a UPVC deck.

The feel of UPVC decking

It has an unsophisticated appearance

Just because the deckboards are manufactured from UPVC doesn’t mean that they have a plain and unappealing look. 

On the contrary. The woodgrain effect gives them a high-end aesthetic and brilliantly imitates the natural woodgrains that you get in a timber deck. 

They offer wear-resistance, so the woodgrain effect will not disappear as a result of the high amount of traffic that must be withstood over time.

The look of UPVC decking

It gets slippy

Nope! We live in one of the world’s wettest climates, so what good would it be having a deck that’s impossible to walk on when wet?

Even when covered in rainwater, you can still safely walk on a UPVC deck, with no fear of taking a tumble and causing yourself an injury. 

The slip-resistant surface that you get means that bad weather shouldn’t rain on your parade and stop you enjoying it.

The colour of UPVC decking

Hopefully, you now have full confidence in UPVC decking. If it’s encouraged you to buy some for your outdoor space, get the country’s best UPVC decking from Lakeland Verandahs. Just request a FREE quote.