The Benefits Of Glass Balustrades

If you are desperate to find something that will give your outdoor space a neat finishing touch, we cannot recommend glass balustrades enough.

Glass Balustrades

We have a wide selection of them available, including attractive solutions that feature a top rail you can confidently lean on and the impressive ‘Infinity’ glass balustrade that does away with the top rail to enhance the view through the system. But, apart from how pretty they look, what makes glass balustrades so good and why should you be rushing to buy them? Let us explain…

  • You will be able to submerge yourself in the most amazing external views due to the transparency of the glass. You will also get lots of natural light coming through the glass, which is a real luxury when it’s part of a decking area.
  • Although they have a very contemporary appearance, glass balustrades can suit modern and traditional residences – proof of how versatile their design is.
  • You barely have to lift a finger when it comes to maintenance as the simple application of soap and water will be sufficient to clean the glass and leave it looking super shiny.
  • To ensure the safety and strength of the product, it comes with a kite marked 10mm toughened glass.

At Lakeland Verandahs, we supply two different styles of glass balustrades. Click here to get more information about both of them.