The Benefits Of Plastic Decking For Your Garden Area

When the sun is shining and the weather is hotting up like it has been recently you feel an urge to just get outside and enjoy it. Where better to do that than in your garden?

UPVC Decking

If this form of escapism appeals to you, how about establishing a stylish covered area in said garden where you can sit out at your own leisure with a cold drink in your hand accompanied by friends and family?

When we say ‘covered area’, to be more precise, we are talking about installing decking to create a dedicated outdoor living space.

Plastic decking, better known as UPVC decking, would be our recommendation due to the multitude of benefits it offers:


Wooden decking can be more trouble than it’s worth as frequent exposure to the weather causes it to lose its colour, suffer from water damage, weaken, rot and the boards can potentially lose their original shape. Restoring wooden decking once it gets into this condition is a constant and often fruitless task.

On the other hand, plastic decking doesn’t need repairing, resealing or treating. Literally the only thing you will need to do when it looks dirty is mop the surface clean to bring the finish to the fore again.


We live in a notoriously rainy country and timber decking can become extremely slippy when wet if it isn’t maintained properly.

The chances of someone taking a tumble on damp UPVC decking and doing themselves damage are much slimmer as it is water and slip resistant. You could even have a UPVC deck surround for a swimming pool and be confident of walking on it after going for a dip without any fear of taking a tumble.

Timber effect

You could easily mistake the UPVC decking solutions fitted and supplied by Lakeland Verandahs for timber decking as they have the appearance of wood, not plastic.

What gives that impression is the natural wood effect with real woodgrain; it doesn’t splinter though like wood, so you won’t end up with splinters in your feet.


Take a look at our Case Studies page to see how the installation of plastic decking has benefited several of our customers.