The Decking Trends Of 2023

The decking trends of 2023

As one of the country’s leading decking specialists, we like to keep abreast of the very latest trends in decking to inform our customers and help them make the most hip enhancements to their outdoor spaces.

With a new year comes a glut of new decking crazes.

Aware that you may well have made a garden refresh, including the installation of decking, a resolution for 2023, we’ve done some detective work to unearth a few of them.

Let them inspire any impending reinvention of your outdoor oasis.

Two-tone decks

Almost every deck that you see in a British garden has one uniformed finish, so it would make your decking more interesting and noteworthy than most others if you were to mix and match your board colours.

The exterior of your house may be made up of many different colours and a two-tone deck could be the best way of blending it with those colour contrasts.

It’s a trend that started to emerge in late 2022 and is great if you want to emphasise a certain area of the platform.

Two-tone decking

Outdoor coverings

Our gardens became treasured spots at the height of the pandemic and it made us value them like never before. The thing that stops us getting as much use out of them as we’d like though is our changeable climate.

But the weather won’t rain on your parade again if you have a gazebo or pergola covering your decking to create an enclosure and keep you protected from it.

Sales of both products are soaring as people look to make their decking a year-round space rather than have to always wait for spring to come around.

A pergola

Greener decking furniture

If we want to preserve the planet for future generations, a more sustainable mindset and bigger respect for the environment is urgently called for.

Buying new garden decking furniture items, where needed, that will stand the test of time will help us reduce overconsumption and cut down carbon emissions.

Keep away from ‘fast furniture’ that’s mass-produced and look for dining tables, chairs etc. manufactured from recycled materials. A repurposing of any existing or second-hand pieces can also help us overcome the climate crisis.

A grey UPVC deck with furniture

Our quality, low-cost UPVC decking would be an eco-friendly, trend-setting purchase and you can get it at a superb price in our January sale. We urge you to obtain a quote now if you want to take advantage.