The Environmental Benefits of UPVC Decking

The Environmental Benefits of UPVC Decking

As the climate emergency intensifies, it accelerates the need for us all to make more sustainable choices in our lives, including when selecting enhancements for the home, such as outdoor decking.

Some decking solutions are falsely advertised as being ‘eco-friendly’ when in reality, they only contain a small number of recycled materials and are crafted from materials that are neither sustainable nor responsibly sourced.

The green credentials of Lakeland’s UPVC decking is incontestable as it is manufactured using quality recyclable UPVC, reliably and ethically sourced. For that reason, it has earned the endorsement of several revered environmental organisations.

Establish why else the purchasing of our UPVC decking will do you and Mother Earth a favour:

UPVC Decking
UPVC Decking

Easily Maintained

You have to regularly treat wooden decking with environmentally damaging stainers and chemical cleaners to prevent the development of rotting and mould.

UPVC decking is extremely low-maintenance and doesn’t need harsh chemicals to resist rotting, mould, cracking, warping etc., because it doesn’t suffer from these kinds of issues.

Using mild soapy water to clean down the UPVC platform will usually be enough to remove any traces of dirt or grime that builds up on the surface.


A 10-year warranty will be in place once our UPVC decking has been fitted in your garden.

When weathering sinks its teeth into wooden and composite decking, it’s very hard to shift and can greatly shorten its lifespan.

Replacing a wooden or composite deck can be something you end up having to do every few years – not good from an overconsumption standpoint. A UPVC equivalent from Lakeland can have much better staying power.

Jo Case Study
Jo Case Study

Recyclable and Energy Efficient

Not only do we insist on using recyclable UPVC to create our decking and put the planet’s needs first, but the product itself is also fully recyclable at the end of its life cycle (incidentally, we also do lots of other recycling in our manufacturing facility!).

Additionally, less energy is consumed in the production of UPVC decking than it is during the manufacturing of composite and wooden decks, lowering the carbon footprint.

Imagine the satisfaction of enhancing your outdoor space with stylish decking that’s as eco-conscious as you are. Arrange a date to have it fitted below.

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