The Garden And Decking Trends For 2021

You’re very lucky if you have an outdoor space at home you can enjoy. Last year, householders with gardens relied on their outdoor areas more than they ever could have possibly imagined, and the same is likely to be true for them, and for you, in 2021 once the lighter days arrive and the weather begins to improve. 

In anticipation of this, now would be a good time to enhance your outdoor space if you found that it didn’t provide you with as much enjoyment as you get when spending time indoors. 

But prior to any outdoor redesign, make a note of these 3 big garden and decking trends for 2021, as you may just fancy imitating them:

A totally tropical taste

With much foreign travel set to remain restricted this summer, homeactions will be taken again by many families. To compensate for the lack of a summer sojourn somewhere hot and sunny, garden owners will be doing the next best thing and creating a tropical-inspired outdoor setting for their homecation. 

Tropical plants require plenty of watering, but are otherwise pretty low-maintenance. 

Get tropicals like dwarf fan palms, male and lady ferns, and New Zealand flax planted in the spring. Their presence will almost make you feel as though you’re abroad.

Covered decking

What you don’t want to happen when outside on your decking during your homecation is for the weather to spoil it, but it’s a constant threat in a country like this.

Decks can be shielded from the elements by an awning or pergola so that when it pours down, you can go on enjoying yours in the dry. 

An attractive covering will also give your decking added visual appeal and make it stand out more.

Vertical gardening

Even if your garden is on the small size, it doesn’t have to stop you from doing a spot of gardening. 

Those with compact gardens will be intuitive with the space they do have and use blank walls and bare fences to grow plants upwards. 

With the aid of a trellis or garden netting, you could also have a go at growing vegetables and become more self-sufficient to cut down on your food costs and supermarket trips. Vertical gardening will also put less stress on your back!

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