The Key Ingredients For The Perfect Home Barbecue

Summer is almost upon us and if you’re a true Brit, the one thing you must do at some point during the season is have a barbecue.

Maple Decking Finished In Anteak Fascias

When it’s baking hot outside, there’s nothing like putting on your pinny and playing chef in the garden, doing a flipping great job of turning over all of those sausages and burgers on the grill until they’re ready to be served up to family and friends. 

Get some tunes playing out of the stereo, have the sunbeds ready, and put the drinks on the ice too. 

Does that sound like an appetising prospect? To help, here’s our 3-step recipe for a barbecue that cannot fail to be a hit:

Deep clean your barbecue

Has your barbecue been stuck in storage for several months or sat outside over the winter? 

It will need a really good clean before you attempt to cook anything on it as you want your food to be super tasty. 

Use a stiff brush and some soapy water to give it a good scrubbing down. If you find it difficult to get the grill gleaming, soak it overnight in a suitable cleaning solution. 

Account for any vegetarians / vegans

“I’m sorry, but I don’t eat meat.”

One of your guests may bring a plus-one who you may not know too well who is a vegetarian or vegan, and you don’t want to leave them on an empty stomach. 

Ensure that you have veggie and vegan options at your barbecue, and not one that’s solely dominated by beef, chicken and pork. Get some halloumi burgers or make a few vegan-friendly salads.  

Have enough seating

Eating barbecue food, such as chicken wings, can be a messy business, and it’s not the easiest thing to do standing up. 

So as well as having lots of plates and napkins to hand, you also need plenty of seats so that everyone can tuck into your meats, with a nice cold drink, whilst sitting down. 

You will be at an advantage if you have decking, as that will provide a great seating area for several people. 

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