Trendy Garden Themes You Can Copy In Your Green Space

Garden Themes - Header Image

Because of the present situation, it seems that everyone lucky enough to have some green space at their home has caught the gardening bug. It’s a lovely form of therapy, even more so at a time like this, and the satisfaction derived from having a well kept garden can be far-reaching. 

For those wanting to get really stuck into it, while they can, It’s not as simplistic as just cutting the lawn every couple of weeks or pulling out a few weeds – there’s more to it than that and it requires dedication.

Large or small, every garden in the land has the potential to be turned into a gorgeous outdoor oasis and you have it in you to do it, even if you’re a complete newbie to the artform. 

As a source of inspiration for those just starting out, here’s a trio of garden themes you can recreate during your home horticultural endeavours:

The rustic theme

What we need in our lives at this moment is warmth and comfort, which happens to be exactly what a rustic garden will give you. 

To get this most homely of gardens, make use of any old wooden crates you have and repurpose them as planters in which you can grow plants, flowers and vegetables. Tin cans and vintage zinc buckets can also make for good plant containers within a rustic theme. 

Got an ageing set of ladders gathering dust somewhere? Brush them off and use them as a plant stand, placing them in a prominent spot where they will catch the most amount of sunlight.

The Rustic Look

The playground theme

It often needs some serious persuasion to drag children outside away from their phones and tablets. To have them racing outside of their own accord, integrate some permanent outdoor play into your garden layout. 

Fix a chalkboard to the side of your shed so they can do some drawing, make space for a sandpit for some beach-like fun and let them have their own little container gardens so they can nurture plants and learn about nature. 

These kids-only zones will bring them hours and hours of joy and put mummy and daddy in their good books.

The playtime theme

The wildlife-friendly theme

It won’t have escaped the attention of your eyes and ears that there’s a lot more birds flying about, insects and other species as a result of the widespread tranquillity in our towns and cities. 

Give them a home in your garden by making a compost heap from your own soil, building  a rock garden, leaving the grass a little long, creating and putting out bird boxes filled with protein-rich feed, adding unchlorinated rainwater to your pond and offering food for pollinating insects with spring plants like Crocus, Snowdrops and Primrose (support your local garden centre or nursery and buy them from there, as many remain open for business).

The wildlife theme

UPVC and composite decking can be included in each of these garden themes; to be honest, they wouldn’t be quite as good without it. Lakeland Verandahs is able to assist with that and has all the lighting and accessories you could need too. We’ll even let you Buy Now and Pay in 2021.