Useful Lighting Tips For Your Decking And Fencing

The clocks went back an hour just over a month ago, and you will have noticed that the nights are slowly beginning to close in.

If you have some attractive perimeter fencing at home, or a beautifully set out patch of decking in your back garden where you love to drink and dine al fresco, they should be visible all day long, not just during daylight hours.

We cannot tell you enough how impressive your fencing and decking will look to outside eyes after nightfall with the right lighting to show them off – the mood and atmosphere it generates will be something to behold.

Starting with your decking, here’s what you can do to emphasise its presence at night:

  • Insert surface mounts, flush mounts, path lights or weatherproof LED strip lights into any steps that lead up to surface of the decking.


  • On the pathway towards your decking, you could install recessed uplights to create an impressive trail and heighten excitement as you begin your walk to it.


  • Take advantage of any balusters included in your decking by adding a string of lighting to them.


Now for the fencing:

  • Buy solar fairy rope lights with clips that you can weave along your fences and lock into position to illuminate your fencing as darkness falls.


  • Like to be creative? Get a set of small empty jars and take their tops off. Then put a tea light inside each jar and use a bit of twine to tie them to each fence picket before lighting the tea lights.


There are further ways of lighting up your decking and fencing. Book an appointment with a Lakeland Verandahs consultant to discover what they are.