What To Think About When Choosing A Colour For Your Decking

If the recent lovely weather has made you decide to get more out of your outdoor space in the future and have UPVC decking from Lakeland Verandahs installed, we applaud your thinking – it’s a choice that you won’t regret. 

The positioning of the decking will be one of your biggest considerations as you don’t want it to be located in an overly shaded area, and some may not wish to be too exposed to the sun whilst sat out on their deck. One of our consultants will be happy to advise on this. 

Something else that will be really important is the colour of the deck – in total, we offer 10 possible coloured finishes. 

Here’s some things to think about before you pick out a finish:

House colour

The last thing you want is for your coloured decking to look totally out of sync with your house. It needs to complement its colour. 

Our clay woodgrain or clay corrugated finish will pair nicely with a tan, beige or brown-coloured property, while our anthracite grey woodgrain is tailor-made for blue, red or grey buildings. 

If your house is white in colour, you can’t make a wrong choice as virtually any colour will work well.

A grey decking area with glass balustrades

Internal flooring

It’s become fashionable to have some form of sliding door provide an exit point from a house onto a decked area – usually either a patio door or bi-folding door. 

When a patio door or bi-folding door offers a direct connection to a deck, it’s a good idea to select a colour for the deck that works well with the colour of the internal flooring. 

That way, your internal flooring and decking will flow together perfectly.

An exit point onto grey UPVC decking

Outdoor surroundings

Your chosen finish should also be inspired by the different colours in your garden, such as any coloured fencing, greenery (trees, shrubs), garden shed etc. 

Stand outside and take in the surroundings to help you determine which colour scheme will ensure that your decking is a prominent feature within your outdoor space. 

You don’t want any colour clashes. You just want a deck that looks right at home with everything else that’s present around and close by it.

UPVC decking on a raised platform

We can discuss colour options in more detail with you during an appointment. To get one booked in, click here.