Where To Find Inspiration For Garden Decking

Hundreds of homeowners across the length and breadth of the UK have recognised the practicality, beauty and value of our attractive and low-maintenance UPVC garden decking and had it installed in their gardens.

Anthracite Grey Corner Decking

Are you thinking of having it installed yourself, now or in the not-too-distant future, but aren’t quite sure where to start or what you need?

Talk to our team for some fantastic advice, and search around for inspiration – there’s lots of it out there.

Social Media

Photo sharing platforms like Instagram and Pinterest have become one of the main go-to resources for people looking to improve their homes, particularly amongst younger property owners.

Design choices for the home and garden are increasingly influenced by what someone sees on their social feed, and this includes the wealth of garden decking projects that get viewed by social media users every day.

Use hashtags such as #decking and #gardendecking on Instagram to pick up great decking ideas from all over the planet. We also have our own Instagram account for you to follow.

Copy the neighbours

Someone who lives nearby may have already had their garden fitted out with decking, and if they have a similar sort of garden setup and you like what you see, you could always emulate its look.

If you don’t want an exact carbon copy of what someone else has had done, there may at least be little bits and pieces that are worth subtly mimicking and incorporating into your plans.

In the unlikely situation that no-one in your neighbourhood has decking, gain inspiration from our many case studies instead.

Online Publications

Your prefered search engine will bring up lots of articles written by bloggers and big-name publications when you type in a search for decking ideas.

Ideal Home will most definitely crop up and has a team of industry experts who pretty much cover everything to do with the home, including gardens.

Have a read of some of their pieces about decking and make a mental or written note of some of their best advice for when you come to have your first appointment with Lakeland Verandahs.

If you already feel in a position to progress with your decking and know what you’d like, book that appointment now here.