Why Decking Is A Better Alternative To Artificial Grass

Why Decking Is A Better Alternative To Artificial Grass

In summer, you want to spend any time that you have off at home properly enjoying and relaxing in the sunshine, not having to mow the lawn.

If regular lawn maintenance isn’t your favourite job and you’d like to do less of it, you could turn to one of two products for a solution – decking or artificial grass.

Either could occupy some, or all, of the garden space you have instead.

Out of the two, we believe that decking would be the way to go, and we can back up this bold claim.

UPVC Decking
UPVC Decking

A more natural look

The woodgrain effect in our UPVC decking is amazingly realistic and has fooled many people into thinking that it is manufactured using genuine timber, when it’s not. It quite brilliantly complements nature.

You can get synthetic grass that is pretty believable but the closer you get to it, the more fake it looks.

Touch it and it feels phoney too, whereas our decking’s woodgrain has a credible texture.

No wear and tear

The older it gets, artificial grass can start to show its age, falling apart in places or having worn-out patches.

This can happen after only a few short years and disguising any of this kind of wear and tear is difficult, if not impossible.

Guaranteed for 10 years, a Lakeland deck has the resilience to cope with high footfall over a long period, not marking up or becoming scuffed, however much the kids like to play, run or slide on it.

UPVC Decking
How to Make the Most of Your Deck Year Round

Easier to clean

Dirt and mess can get ingrained in artificial turf if you don’t keep on top of cleaning it, and once it does, shifting it is difficult.

A bit of soapy water and some scrubbing with a wet cloth or mop will remove any muck that forms on the surface of a deck.

It will look as good as new once you’re done.

As the country’s leading supplier of UPVC decking, nobody knows about decking quite like we do. Ask for a quote and realise the benefits it will bring to your home life.

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