Why Lakeland’s 10-Year Warranty Is Different To Most Warranties

It’s entirely right that our customers want assurance when they invest in our UPVC decking and fencing products, and we give it to them by providing a 10-year warranty with their purchase. 

Maple Decking Finished In Anteak Fascias

Now, this isn’t your normal warranty! Far from it in fact. 

No, it goes much further than the warranties handed out by most other decking and fencing companies, offering you greater peace of mind. 

The first reason for that is because the warranty doesn’t solely cover the deckboards, which is often the main catch with certain warranties given out by decking specialists. 

It covers absolutely everything associated with the installation – decking, balustrade, fencing, accessories, tanalised timber subframe, aluminium subframe and full fitting. 

Secondly, the warranty also entitles you to a FREE repair or replacement, if it’s ever required. 

That might seem like a strange thing to say because surely that’s what a warranty is there for, right? However, rather naughtily, some companies refuse to fix issues for free and will instead only refund a percentage of the original cost, which is poor form in our eyes. 

A product fault or failure is a rarity when you buy something from Lakeland Verandahs, but things can go wrong from time to time, no matter how much we try to perfect things. 

In such a scenario, we would never dream of shortchanging a customer and only providing a partial refund. It’s up to us to sort it and that’s what we do, at zero extra cost. 

We have discovered in our testing sessions that our products have the quality to last for at least 10 years, and we fit them to the very highest standards. By ensuring they can endure for a sustained period also makes them eco-friendly as it reduces the necessity for overproduction.

To pocket this fantastic warranty you need to begin by asking for a FREE quote