Why UPVC Decking Is The Smarter Choice Compared To Timber

Why UPVC Decking Is The Smarter Choice Compared To Timber

Wanting to freshen up your garden somehow and get more out of it? The installation of garden decking will be a total gamechanger for the space.

It’s where you could sit out and enjoy your evening meals, host al fresco drinks for friends and family, or hand it over to the kids and give them a new place to do their den building – it will open up so many opportunities.

When you think of decking, most of us think of wooden panels. But at Lakeland Verandahs, our decking is purely manufactured from UPVC, and with good reason.

The simplest maintenance

Our uncertain climate really takes its toll on timber decking, causing the decking boards to split, crack, fade etc. and it can be a thankless task trying to restore its look and condition.

You will repeatedly need to maintain it, which can frustrate and you may not have the time for.

UPVC decking will resist excess sunshine, rain, snow, sleet and whatever else the weather throws at it, with you only needing to scrub it with hot soapy water every few months when it needs a clean.

A bucket and cleaning utensils

A slip-resistant surface

You’re dicing with danger if you risk walking, never mind running on wooden decking when its wet as it gets incredibly slippery, not ideal when you live in a notoriously rainy country!

The chances of doing yourself any damage on a wet UPVC deck are much lower as the boards are slip-resistant, so you won’t have to tread so carefully if the heavens open.

The entrance to a UPVC deck

Low price point

You want the money you spend on decking to go far and not be left feeling short-changed.

For the problems we’ve already mentioned, it’s difficult to say that wooden decking justifies its cost, as it isn’t cheap.

UPVC decking is far less troublesome, as already highlighted, and generally less expensive, so as investments into your home go, it will be one of the best you ever make.

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We can’t dispute that timber decking has a great natural look, but there is a natural wood effect in our UPVC decking that matches it anyway. Book an appointment and let us tell you more about why UPVC decking is streets ahead of timber decking.