Why UPVC Decking Offers Greater Value For Money Than Timber Decking

Why choose UPVC decking over timber decking

Initially, a timber deck will look smart in your garden space and you will love its natural look, but it won’t take long for that to change. 

Within no time, the wooden deck boards will start cracking and splintering, and they’ll very easily scratch. You will also need to regularly repaint and stain them. 

It will get to the point where you spend more time maintaining your wooden decking than actually sitting out and enjoying it. 

UPVC decking from Lakeland Verandahs looks just as good as a timber deck initially does, and it keeps its good looks for years and years, without any hard work on your part. 

And that’s not the only reason why there’s far more value in a UPVC deck than a timber deck:


When a timber deck gets wet, walking on it is akin to walking on an ice rink. You can very easily lose your footing and hurt yourself, which rules out using it on any rainy days. 

Our UPVC decking offers a slip-resistant surface, so you can use it in the wet without fear of taking a fall and feel safe on your feet.

It can also resist algae, whereas wooden decking can’t, and it can be a nightmare to shift.

A table set up on a UPVC deck


Trees have to be felled to create wooden decks, and that is certainly no good thing for the environment – deforestation is one of the biggest causes of global warming. 

Though they have a timber-like appearance, our UPVC decks don’t contain a single bit of wood, and it’s recycled UPVC that we use to fashion the product.

Because they’re maintenance-free, you also won’t need to rely on damaging chemicals to preserve them, like you may need to with a timber deck.

An eco-friendly UPVC deck

More robust

Garden decking should offer a solid platform for you to both walk and sit on. However, as timber decking ages, the wood softens and weakens, leading to it losing its resilience, and also its shape. Fixings will also often come loose and prove hazardous.  

The robustness of UPVC decking never diminishes, at least it doesn’t when it’s a Lakeland deck. 

It will hold firm throughout its lifespan, and any fixings are discreetly hidden, to avoid you treading on nails or screws.

A grey UPVC deck with a sofa area

UPVC decking will be a better long-term investment than timber decking, by far! Get the best UPVC decking the UK has to offer from Lakeland Verandahs. Request a FREE quote for it here.