Why Your Children Will Love Your Brand-New Decking

Why UPVC decking is great for kids

Another half-term break is looming and it won’t be long until “School’s out for summer”, leaving it up to you to keep your kids occupied.

You may have a family holiday booked or have pencilled in a trip or two to one of our many famous theme parks. But this will still leave you with a lot of time at home and you don’t want them getting restless.

If you have a garden, it’ll certainly help, and more so if it has UPVC decking, a feature that will create much excitement for toddlers and teenagers.

Our UPVC decking is splinter and slip-resistant, so they can play on it safely (it makes it pet-friendly too!), and here’s why it will prove a hit with them.

Fun in the open air

It’s not good for your children to be stuck inside for hours watching their mobile devices and why would you want them to do that if the weather’s nice?

Playing outside is far healthier and more fun for them, and they can use the deck for doing things like setting up a den (every kid loves building one of these), reading books or playing board games.

Regularly playing in an outdoor environment can also instil an appreciation for nature, which will likely be carried through to adulthood.

Three girls inside a tent

Make it their own

The more they play on it, the more attached your kids will become to your decking, to the point where mum and dad may not get a look-in, but you won’t mind that if it makes them happy.

Just like when you create a playroom for them indoors, this outdoor play area will feel like it’s truly theirs and they’ll rightly want it all for themselves.

Two boys playing with kids

Gives your home that holiday feel

Finances may dictate that you can’t afford to take a break at home or abroad or summer, a decision that will obviously be met with disappointment.

They won’t mind so much though if they have some decking to enjoy, with a paddling pool or water slide set out on the lawn for them to splash about.

Those evening meal times can also be taken al fresco (on the deck, of course), just as you would do when in sunny Scarborough or Spain, making it a real holiday from home.

A boy playing with a bubble machine

Win favour with your kids and get your UPVC decking ordered now from Lakeland Verandahs. Make a big spring saving on it here.