You Can Get Fantastic Finance At Lakeland Verandahs

Money has a horrible way of getting in the way of things that you really want to do, which could include adding a piece of decking to your garden so that you have a special spot to see in the summer outdoors.

UPVC Decking

We don’t like to see residential customers being denied of dreams like this. That’s why we offer finance packages to hopefully give them the funding assistance they need to proceed with their ambitions, rather than have to leave them unrealised.

Pay Monthly

Being able to spread the cost of paying monthly for any fencing or decking from Lakeland Verandahs could be a huge help.

You can do so over 5 years at only 5.9% APR representative. However, you can also make additional payments and therefore control the length of the loan and the amount of interest you would pay.

Pay In 12 Months

After putting down a 20% deposit at the time of the order, you can have a 12-month window from the completion of the installation to fully pay off the cost of your chosen product.

If, after 12 months, this is not convenient, you can pay in 120 monthly instalments at 9.9% APR Representative.

Pay Cash

Some customers will be in the fortunate position of being able to settle the total cost price in cash straight away.

They can do so either from available funds, a loan they have arranged independently or by simply adding it to their mortgage.


Applying for finance is really easy as Lakeland Verandahs will help you with it. It can even be done in your own home.

You should find out whether the application has been successful within 24 hours, so, you won’t be kept waiting long!

If you need any further information about our finance, or you would like to make a finance application, click here.